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But, there’s a reason the term ‘casting couch’ originated in the motion picture industry.Once we had decided to expose the corrupt casting coordinators of B-town, our first big task was to find the ones who would buy our story and try to help us land that big break in Bollywood.The first thing that Vijay told her was, “You do know that if you want to get into acting, you will have to make compromises.If you do that, you will have a bright future.” Then he went on to counsel the reporter to dress in ‘sexy’ clothes, which reveal her vital stats.When the reporter mentioned her apprehensions, he patiently explained to her, “Don’t be tense. If you can act, then you don’t have to think about it.There are three stages of casting: if you come to me, I will suggest your name to my friend, who will further recommend your name after an audition.Then, in the second audition, if I know the director, I will push, and tell him that you are suitable for the role.

When the reporter asked about the kind of money one can make through these ‘compromises’, he said it ranged from Rs 15,000 to Rs 40,000.Some of them slept around with directors and got work, but some didn’t.However, I have met some girls who came back to me, saying a certain person was asking for favours.Bare some flesh to land a meaty role this clandestine arrangement between casting agents and aspiring actors is one of Bollywood’s worst-kept secrets.Trading of sexual favours by an applicant, apprentice, or subordinate, to a superior, or prospective employer, in return for entry into an occupation, or for career advancement, is a malady existent in every domain.


The stumbling block was that most of the agents we called, wanted us to send our photographs, and would then meet us if they saw it fit.